Editor’s Disclosures

by Chip

Jan 30, 2015
8:47 PM

by Chip Griffin

I make every effort to disclose potential specific conflicts of interest in the context of each individual article, conversation and commentary. However, the following describes some general conditions that may bias my personal opinions or questions I may ask when I host online conversations.

I am a Republican and will likely vote in the 2016 NH GOP primary. I have been a registered Republican since 1991 and have worked for Republican officeholders, including former NH Rep. Bill Zeliff from 1991-1994. I also consulted for Republican campaigns earlier in my career. This certainly impacts my view of the world and likely influences the kinds of questions I ask and the things I write. I do make every effort to cover candidates and topics fairly, but each reader will need to make individual judgements about my success in that regard.

I have not actively engaged in partisan politics since 2000. Over the past 15 years, I have not had a professional or volunteer role in any partisan political campaign. I have advised a few issue-based campaigns, but almost entirely outside of the context of elections.

I will remain neutral in the 2016 presidential primary process. I will not endorse or work for any candidate of either party during the current presidential primary cycle.

I have had (and continue to have) many nonprofit, association, and corporate clients. Some of these clients may have interests in issues being discussed during the presidential campaign. I will do my best to disclose potential conflicts or avoid covering such topics altogether.

I am bound by non-disclosure agreements. In my role as an entrepreneur and as a communications consultant, I am sometimes contractually obligated not to disclose conversations or relationships. In those instances, I will try to avoid commenting on anything that would require me to make such a disclosure.

I invite interesting people for intelligent conversations and guest posts regardless of whether I agree with them. I do everything I can to be clear about what is my opinion and to enable my guests to share their own points of view, which often differ from my own. I do not subscribe to the notion of creating conflict for entertainment purposes, but would prefer to have an honest discussion with each individual guest. In fact, I often most enjoy hearing from people with whom I may disagree because these can be the most educational shows for me personally.

I do not accept payment or gifts in exchange for posts and openly disclose any sponsors. You can expect that if I have received money, gift, or benefit from anyone I write about on Primary Digest that I will mention it. If someone is an advertiser or a sponsor it will be made obvious to visitors to this site so everyone can make their own judgment about whether it may have any potential impact on editorial selection or content.

I will answer any reasonable question about a potential conflict as openly and honestly as I can. If you are concerned I might have a conflict I have not disclosed, feel free to email me and I’ll respond forthrightly. In some cases, I may have to make a disclosure in general terms (for instance by identifying the client’s industry rather than the entity’s specific name) due to contract confidentiality requirements, but I will provide as much information as I possibly can.