National Security First

Guest Authorby Guest

Feb 7, 2016
8:20 AM

The following is a guest column from Mike Rogers, host of the Westwood One radio program "Something to Think About," a CNN national security commentator, a Distinguished Fellow at the Hudson Institute, and the past chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. This Tuesday, as you go to vote in the first-in-the-nation primary, remember that the most … [Read more...]

Could 2016 be the last #FITN primary for New Hampshire?

by Chip

Oct 25, 2015
6:55 AM

When I got my start in professional politics more than two decades ago, it was drilled into me that nobody had ever been elected president in the modern era without first winning the New Hampshire. Then Bill Clinton broke that rule. Supporters of the first-in-the-nation primary attributed it to the fact that many people believed Clinton won. And he certainly won the … [Read more...]

How well does Hillary Clinton need to do in New Hampshire?

by Chip

Jun 2, 2015
3:41 PM

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team has begun to soften expectations for her performance in the coming Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. But what does she need to achieve in order to maintain her aura of invincibility in the Democratic primaries after the Granite State? Certainly she must win. A loss would be fatal to her presidential ambitions. But a win might be perceived … [Read more...]

NHFRW Lilac Luncheon to feature GOP presidential straw poll

by Chip

May 1, 2015
7:14 AM

The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women will host its annual Lilac Luncheon on June 15, and Primary Digest has learned that this year's event will also include a Republican presidential straw poll. All of the current and potential presidential candidates are being invited to attend, but it is not yet clear who will accept those invitations. Although the … [Read more...]

Hillary tied with rest of Democratic field in latest NH poll, but can anyone take advantage?

by Chip

Apr 1, 2015
9:33 AM

On the surface, yesterday's Franklin Pierce/Boston Herald survey contained good news for Hillary Clinton. The Herald's headline screamed, "Hillary Clinton holds 'unprecedented' lead in N.H." The top line numbers initially seem to support that conclusion. Clinton leads Warren -- who really, really isn't running -- 47-22. Moreover, the paper reported that "A whopping 84 … [Read more...]